SONG OF THE WEEK - "Hands" by Blaise Moore April 26, 2016 03:43

I happened to stumble upon this artist while scrolling through Facebook one day. I was hooked by her debut single 'Hands" as soon as the smooth and sexy bassline kicked in. Lyrics that make you start thinking about that guy that would never commit and vocals so hypnotic they put you into a trance. 

If you are looking for music to smoke, sex or chill to, definitely check out her debut EP London.

Did I mention that she also hails from our hometown of Toronto? Check her out, you won't be disappointed. XO






DIY Leather Fringe Clutch January 18, 2016 08:13

Doing something as easy as adding fringe to a simple leather clutch will make you wonder how one could live with a such a boring frill-less pouch to begin with. I dare you to do this tutorial and resist the urge to give another accessory the fringe treatment. Because honestly, everything is better with fringe.

You’ll need:
•unlined leather clutch or pouch
•leather rotary punch
•100 feet 3/16″ deerskin leather lace
•white paint pen

Start by finding an unlined leather pouch. If the pouch or clutch is lined with fabric, it will be very hard to punch holes using your rotary punch. Turn the pouch inside out. Using a fine, white paint pen, draw a straight line a few millimeters above the bottom seam. Do the same with left and right seam. It’s okay if the lines don’t intersect at the corners.

Make dotted marks every half inch along the drawn lines. Use the second largest hole size, 13/64″, and punch holes through the marks.

Punch one hole in two bottom corners.

Cut 17-18″ inch strands of leather lace. Take one strand and thread it through the front face of one set of holes. The glossy side of the leather lacing should be facing out.

Bring the other side of the strand over the edge of the pouch and through the hole on the back face. Pull both ends from the inside of the pouch. Repeat with all the holes.

Turn the pouch right side out and adjust the strands so the ends match.

While keeping the strands sandwiched together, tie a knot and tighten close to the edge of the pouch. Repeat on all the strands.

And . . . you’re done.

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Style Profile - Travis Scott October 14, 2015 05:44

As I was flipping through tv the other day I came across a music video for Travis Scott's new song 'Antidote' off his new album Rodeo. His style was on point and it appeared that his influence came from many sources. After doing a bit of research on this dude I found that to be very true. Last year Scott walked in the S/S 2015 show for Mark McNairy adding his own flair to his runway walk.

He has said that he gets his taste from his mama. "My mom worked for Louis Vuitton. She was a retailer so she always dressed me up in shit but I didn't understand it when I was little". He says that he is 'real selective' in his fashion choices and leans towards minimalism. His braids and grill add to his allure, as it's not commonly seen with some of the brands he's accustomed to wearing.

He has established himself as a style maverick, making high-end streetwear look effortless, especially as he showcased the prolific Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby collection last year.

We look forward to following his career since we know he will be around for the ages.

The Benefits of Oil Pulling September 23, 2015 08:13

So what exactly is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian practice that involves swishing oil around in the mouth for about 20 minutes on the premise that this will pull toxins out of the body.

What are the benefits?

Studies show that oil pulling has excellent benefits for oral health. It can help strengthen the teeth, gums, and jaw; whiten teeth; prevent bad breath; prevent dryness of the mouth, lips, and throat; prevent mouth diseases like cavities and gingivitis; and treat soreness of the jaw. It’s also been thought that oil pulling has many benefits that extend way beyond oral health, although this has yet to be proven scientifically. Examples include reduced headaches, hangover relief, kidney function support, general pain relief, reduced insomnia, and general detoxification of the body, just to name a few.

Benefits of oil pulling

How do you do it?

First, pick your oil. Cold pressed organic sesame oil is believed to be the best for this practice, but cold pressed coconut, olive, and sunflower oils are widely used, as well.

In the morning, before you’ve eaten, drink a glass of water. Then, put about a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it around, making sure to let it touch every single part of your mouth except the throat. Try not to swallow the oil, as this will reabsorb the toxins that have been pulled from your body.

Swish the oil around in your mouth for at least 5 minutes, with the recommended amount being a full 20 minutes. I like to do this while in the shower, and possibly continue for a few minutes after I get out. This way, I feel like I’m using my time wisely — and I never forget to do it.

You’ll feel the oil become foamy as it mixes with your saliva. If there gets to be too much in your mouth, spit a little bit out, and continue.

When you’re finished, spit the oil out into the toilet or the trash — avoid doing this in the sink, as the oil could solidify and clog the drain. Supposedly, if the oil turns to a yellow, you’ve done your job! The yellow color is thought to mean a substantial amount of toxins have been removed from your body. I haven’t gotten there yet, but I will!

Are there any negatives?

Nothing major that I’ve heard of! I’ve read about many people getting grossed out by the feeling or taste of oil pulling, but I can’t say I know what they mean. I’ve been using coconut oil, and I love the taste! The only other negative I could think of is the cost. Pure organic oil isn’t the cheapest to buy, and you’ll be going through bottles fairly quickly. But if you weigh the benefits, it could be worth it — that all depends on each individual situation.

Coconut oil spoon

Why should you try it?

Well, it’s up to you! Try if you’re curious… try if you’re experiencing any of the issues that this can potentially help… try if you’re looking for a use for that jar of coconut oil that’s been sitting on your shelf.

By FP Brigette

20 Small Tattoos With Big Meanings September 2, 2015 08:08

20 Small Tattoos With Big Meanings

1. A semi-colon indicates a pause in a sentence but does not end. Sometimes it seems like you may have stopped, but you choose to continue on.

2. "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."

3. Top symbol: unclosed delta symbol which represents open to change. Bottom symbol: strategy.


4. "There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls."


5. Viking symbol meaning  "create your own reality."


6.Greek symbol of Inguz: where there's a will, there's a way.

7. Psalm 18:33 "He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights."


8. 'Ohm' tattoo that represents 4 different states of consciousness and a world of illusion: waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), deep sleep (sushupti), transcendental state (turiya)  and world of illusion (maya)



9. Alchemy: symbolizes copper, means love, balance, feminine beauty and artistic creativity.

10. The Greek word “Meraki” means to do something with soul, passion, love and creativity or to put yourself in to whatever you do.

11. Malin (Skövde, Sweden) – you have to face setbacks to be able to go forward.




12. Symbol meaning "thief" from the Hobbit. It was the rune Gandalf etched into Bilbo's door so the dwarves could find his house.

13. “Lux in tenebris” means “light in darkness.” 

14. Anchor Tattoo: symbolizing strength & stability, something (or someone) who holds you in place, and provides you the strength to hold on no matter how rough things get. 


15."Ad Maiora” is translated literally as “Towards greater things.” It is a formula of greeting used to wish more success in life, career or love.




16. A glyphs means “explore.” It was meant as a reminder for me to never stop exploring. 


17. "Aut inveniam viam aut faciam," meaning roughly, "Either I shall find a way, or I will make one."


18. Lotus Flower. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower’s first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk toachieve enlightenment


19. The zen (or ensō) circle to me represents enlightenment, the universe & the strength we all have inside of us.



20. Two meanings. The moon affirms life. It looks as if it is constantly changing. Can reminds us of the inconsistency of life. It is also symbolizes the continuous circular nature of time and even karma.





DIY Leather Lunch Bag August 4, 2015 05:51

The fashionable lunch bag. It’s a controversial matter— these glorified designer lunch bags sell for hundreds of dollars but the sack-like shape is nothing new. I’ve seen articles ridiculing the Jil Sander coated paper bags but more and more designer versions seem to be popping up.

For me, the novelty is too good to pass up! Maybe I’ll use it as a clutch or maybe, I’ll actually use it as the chic-est lunch bag ever. Check out the steps below to see how to make one of your own;

- a paper bag for a template
- a large piece of leather (I cut up a vintage leather skirt)
- scissors
- sewing machine
- iron



[ CUT BAG ] – Take your paper lunch bag and cut it open. This will be your pattern for your new bag, so pick one that is the right size for you!

[ CUT LEATHER ] – Lay out the pattern over your leather. Cut the leather, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance around all the edges that you had cut open. You’ll need that seam allowance for when you sew the leather together.

[ SEW ] – Sew the leather together exactly the way you cut the bag apart. You’ll have some excess parts in the corners, but you can just trim the interior corners to get rid of some of the bulk!

[ CUT DETAILS ] – Use pinking shears and trim the top portion of the bag for the zig-zag effect. Cut a small half circle as well, to really make this an authentic paper bag.

[ IRON ] – This is probably the most important step because the leather can tend to be poorly shaped and a bit floppy. Fold the bag the way a paper bag is folded and lay a towel over top and press the edges. This process will dry out the leather a bit and stiffen it so that it keeps its form better

As an optional step, cut out a piece of cardstock or cardboard the size of the base & slip it into the bottom of the bag so that it doesn’t sag! 

How To Distress Denim July 6, 2015 04:51

These six ways are the best methods for distressing jeans to your liking! If you learn how to distress jeans for yourself you can distress them entirely to your liking. Just want a hint of well-worn style? Apply one of these methods to a tiny spot. Want to go all out? Then do it!  There are no limits to what you can do!


how to distess jeans cheese grater Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    1. Cheese Grater

Yes, it might sound insane but rubbing one of these kitchen supplies against your jeans is going to distress them just enough to make them look store bought. Just put your jeans on, figure out where you want to distress them, and go to town! Just be careful. These tools can be surprisingly sharp.


how to distess jeans sandpaper Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    2. Sandpaper!

Just like the cheese grater, all you have to do is rub this material against your jeans to distress them. Consider using different sized pieces of paper for different distressing methods. If you only want to distress the pockets of your jeans, add a protective layer of cardboard to the pocket to protect the other layer of fabric.


how to distess jeans seam ripper Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    3. A Seam Ripper!

You have this primed and ready in your sewing room. If you love the ripped knees look, a seam ripper is how to distress your jeans!



how to distess jeans tweezers Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    4. Scissors and tweezers!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Shear and pluck away! If you are looking for an exact distressed detail, go with this one. You have the most control when you’re cutting and tweezing. It is precise but it does take a little more time.



how to distess jeans razor Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    5. A Razor!

Grab an old razor and slice where you would like. Razors are a great way to lightly distress your jeans and let time do the rest.



how to distess jeans cheese time Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans   6. Time!

This is the easiest way to distress jeans but not the quickest. Let time wear those jeans of yours out. You might even have a stylish pair abandoned at the back of your closet.


SONG OF THE WEEK - "Ghost Town" Adam Lambert June 20, 2015 06:47


I'm glad I sat through the first minute of this video because it's pure gold once the house beat drops. The video is directed by the legendary Hype Williams and has a very George Michael-esque vibe to it (maybe it's the 5 o'clock shadow and leather). We are huge fans of Adam Lambert's style and expression through fashion. Did we mention that leather jacket NEEDS to be in our closet;) 

I'm pretty sure this one will be on replay at Pride in the coming weeks;) Enjoy and Happy Pride!



Girl Crush - DYLANLEX (Jewelry Designer) June 5, 2015 07:28


Drew Ginsburg is the mastermind behind the gorgeous jewelry line Dylanlex. Ginsburg gained her fashion notoriety in the fashion world through her blog Me and Lex. She would post photos of her 'grandma-glitz meets tomboy' outfits, always complete with piles of silver, tribal-inspired jewelry, which she custom made using vintage pieces that she would find at the thrift shop or flea markets. She launched the Dylanlex brand after an overwhelming response to her unique pieces on the her instagram @dylanlex. Her pieces are now found on celebs like Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Ashley Tisdale. Be sure to get on her site or her instagram page and prepare to be inspired.


"Embellishment shouldn't be reserved for special events. You can go have dinner with your girlfriends in some bling. Every day you're alive is an occasion"

                                                                                                                                                                                             -Drew Ginsberg

SONG OF THE WEEK - 'Her' by Majid Jordan May 26, 2015 03:55

Majid Jordan — the duo of Drake associates Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman — released their A Place Like This EP last year and we still can't get enough of it. Their sound is some of the sexiest R&B we've heard, and the video for 'Her' by Common Good did not disappoint. Smooth, sexy, black and white AND Canadian.....what's not to love?


Androgynous fashion essentials May 12, 2015 04:22

 Androgynous (an-droj-uh-nuh s) - having both masculine and feminine characteristics.   

I decided to do this piece since I am inspired more by men's fashion than I am women's. That doesn't mean that I wear shapeless ensembles every day but it does mean that I prefer mixing masculine and feminine looks to create style that is fashion forward, tailored, and never over sexualized. There is always a form of simplicity in the way a well dressed man puts himself together.

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" Leonardo De Vinci

Boat Neck

"The boat neck is a great way to minimize the bust line" says fashion blogger Lydia Okello of Style Is Style


Masculine Hat

Fedora and ranch hats are great but look into cabbie, newsboy, trapper and even baseball hats as well.


Add some interest around your waist

"If you're looking to balance out less proportioned areas, tie a flannel shirt, cardigan, or thin jacket around the waist for added dimension to your overall silhouette" says Sara Medd stylist and founder of Greyscale Goods


Blazers with skinny lapels

A skinny lapel creates a straighter line down the body. Larger, fanned out lapels draw more attention to the chest.


Masculine watch

A nice one is an investment but you'll be glad you set aside funds to purchase a classic timepiece. Look for a chunky menswear inspired style in either silver or gold.


Play with proportions

Try tucking an oversized shirt shirt into fitted pants and see how you feel. I tend to feel more androgynous when I wear looser silhouettes.


Boyfriend jeans

These are great if you want to mix girly items with something a bit tomboy-ish and unexpected.





SONG OF THE WEEK - Long Way Down (Live) by Robert Delong April 20, 2015 06:31



I was first introduced to Robert Delong when I came across a video of this kid in the back of a van doing a full set with a gamepad, Logitech joystick, and a Wii remote all transformed into MIDI interfaces. Delong is a one-man futuristic dance party with beats as cerebral as Orbital and club-ready as Calvin Harris. Yet he is still completely original. He is also a gifted singer/songwriter that raises questions about identity and spirituality. He says that he switched it up from playing in bands since they are so boring to watch. There is definitely nothing boring about a Robert Delong show..... just try to sit still.... I dare yah;)

Check out his recent live performance for Long Way Down



Girl Crush - Tara Mason (Singer, Songwriter, and owner of Rebel66) April 10, 2015 14:19


Tara Mason is a pop/rock/electronic singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Her debut EP Afterlife contains songs that you can't help but sing along to. She released her first music video for "Time to go" directed by Erik Knudsen featuring actor Richard Harmon. The response was overwhelming and she is no doubt a star in the making. 

Tara also recently launched an online store called Rebel 66 that features edgy accessories. The store is very much a reflection of her hip/romantic/gothic personal style and has already received international success. It was inevitable that Tara goes into fashion since she wears her head to toe black uniform so well;) 

Tara continues to work on her music and will be releasing a new music video this summer, so watch for it!

In the meantime, check out the video for "Time to Go" below;

SONG OF THE WEEK - 10,000 Emerald Pools by BØRNS April 6, 2015 07:09





BØRNS aka Garret Borns wrote his new EP Candy, while living in his LA based tree house (no lie). The entire EP has an infectious sunny synthetic pop sound. I honestly can close my eyes and feel the California sun beating down on me while I lay out by the hotel pool. Also be sure to check out this track in it's acoustic version since it helps you really appreciate this guys vocal talent. It's unbelievable.


Check out the video below;






How to wear head to toe black March 30, 2015 07:49

Rocking head to toe black does prove to be challenging to some since it's very easy to fall into categories such as goth, burglar of the night or old woman in mourning. It does require a degree of creativity to make a limited palette look fresh and punchy. So, if you are like myself and prefer the monochromatic look, here are some basic tips to help you pull it off.

Mix it up -No two pieces of black are the same shade, but that’s ok so long as you’re mixing up fabrics and textures. 


Strong Silhouettes - Make sure the outfit is fitted and well tailored. Wide leg trousers are a big win and very chic. Paring black wide leg pants with a same shade fitted top, creates an illusion of an all in one.


Bold Accessories - Think oversized sunglasses, jewelry or clutch. Colorful heels are always a good choice as well.


Show some skin - Bare skin doesn’t always mean legs and chest. Experiment with some other areas for a classy take on showing a little skin. A daring cut can be a true fashion statement.


Hair and Lip – Take the look from day to night with a simple change of your lipstick or hair.


Style Profile - Luca Venezia aka Curses March 23, 2015 07:48


Luca Venezia aka Curses


Venezia's creative beginning began in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. He is an electronic producer, DJ and founder of dance label Trouble & Bass and more recently his late night music collective Safer at Night.

Luca is always known to bring something different to the table and he has done just that with the latest label venture Safer at Night. Luca aka Curses alongside Total Fitness and Cranks have brought some deeper darker house and techno that will keep you going till sunrise.

Venezia's fashion style has evolved very much like his musical sound. His look similar to a modern day Johnny Cash is black from head to toe. You can spot him in a well-tailored Lagerfeld suit or sporting his Safer at Night bomber. Either way his look is always alluring and timeless.

We had the opportunity to ask Luca about his personal style and this is what he had to say;


Your hair is obviously on point, what's your favorite grooming product?

Thank you! It all began with Sweet Georgia Brown (the red tin), but sadly they are now out of business so I stick to the Mr. Ducktail brand. He is also my barber, and London's best fade hands down.

Your style has evolved very much like your sound in music. Is your style influenced by music?

The relationship between style and music play a very integral part in my life. The vibe of an artists aesthetic brings life to the story of the music and creates emotion.

What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?

It used to be my Jodorowsky inspired hat, but I have since retired that from the essential attire so I would have to go with classy shoes. Any black Saint Laurent patent or suede or vintage Stacey Adams.

How would you describe your personal style?

Nocturnal Romantic

How long does it take you to get ready?

10 minutes

Last purchase?

This incredible elongated blazer by Christian Poell

Favorite fashion city?


Style Icon?

Michelle Lamy is other worldly. And she is married to Rick Owens.

Best fashion in a film?

I have always been excited by the violently beautiful outfits and makeup in Derek Jarman's 70's punk romantic, Jubilee.

Favorite designer?

I absolutely love what Hedi Slimane has been doing for Saint Laurent right now.

Style tip?

Get things tailored to fit you exactly how you want, and never wear too much of one designer all at once. Mix things up.


Listen to the new Safer At Night sound here;

You can also catch Curses and Total Fitness at their upcoming gig in Toronto April 11th.  






Girl Crush - Steff Ierullo (Founder of Cocolush Skincare) March 18, 2015 14:01


Sweet. Sexy. Smart. 

3 words to describe the mastermind behind Cocolush skincare Steff Ierullo. 

Steff (who resembles a young Megan Fox) created her brand with the notion of using the finest natural ingredients and creating a quality product at a low cost. This way everyone can enjoy her products which is what Steff hopes for. She would love to one day see her products line the shelves of health food stores and gift shops.

The passion for beauty products is deep with Steff. She has a genuine passion for makeup, skincare, and all natural ingredients. Some of her favourite products include;  Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade, Tokyo Milk Salted Caramel Lip Balm, Essence Lip Liner in Cherry, MAC's Night Violet, Lady Danger & Media Lipsticks.

Her interest in the beauty industry doesn't end there, she is also a successful model (no surprise there).

Steff is hoping to expand her product line in the next year so you will have to watch out for more of her 100% vegan, gluten free, preservative free and paraben free goodies.

If you want to smell like a freshly baked chocolate cake try Cocolush. Or if you are anything like me and love all things coconut try Coconoix. Both products leave your skin exceptionally smooth and both products are featured on our website for only $14.

For more info on Cocolush please visit