Style Profile - Travis Scott October 14, 2015 05:44

As I was flipping through tv the other day I came across a music video for Travis Scott's new song 'Antidote' off his new album Rodeo. His style was on point and it appeared that his influence came from many sources. After doing a bit of research on this dude I found that to be very true. Last year Scott walked in the S/S 2015 show for Mark McNairy adding his own flair to his runway walk.

He has said that he gets his taste from his mama. "My mom worked for Louis Vuitton. She was a retailer so she always dressed me up in shit but I didn't understand it when I was little". He says that he is 'real selective' in his fashion choices and leans towards minimalism. His braids and grill add to his allure, as it's not commonly seen with some of the brands he's accustomed to wearing.

He has established himself as a style maverick, making high-end streetwear look effortless, especially as he showcased the prolific Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby collection last year.

We look forward to following his career since we know he will be around for the ages.