Androgynous fashion essentials May 12, 2015 04:22

 Androgynous (an-droj-uh-nuh s) - having both masculine and feminine characteristics.   

I decided to do this piece since I am inspired more by men's fashion than I am women's. That doesn't mean that I wear shapeless ensembles every day but it does mean that I prefer mixing masculine and feminine looks to create style that is fashion forward, tailored, and never over sexualized. There is always a form of simplicity in the way a well dressed man puts himself together.

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication" Leonardo De Vinci

Boat Neck

"The boat neck is a great way to minimize the bust line" says fashion blogger Lydia Okello of Style Is Style


Masculine Hat

Fedora and ranch hats are great but look into cabbie, newsboy, trapper and even baseball hats as well.


Add some interest around your waist

"If you're looking to balance out less proportioned areas, tie a flannel shirt, cardigan, or thin jacket around the waist for added dimension to your overall silhouette" says Sara Medd stylist and founder of Greyscale Goods


Blazers with skinny lapels

A skinny lapel creates a straighter line down the body. Larger, fanned out lapels draw more attention to the chest.


Masculine watch

A nice one is an investment but you'll be glad you set aside funds to purchase a classic timepiece. Look for a chunky menswear inspired style in either silver or gold.


Play with proportions

Try tucking an oversized shirt shirt into fitted pants and see how you feel. I tend to feel more androgynous when I wear looser silhouettes.


Boyfriend jeans

These are great if you want to mix girly items with something a bit tomboy-ish and unexpected.