DIY Leather Fringe Clutch January 18, 2016 08:13

Doing something as easy as adding fringe to a simple leather clutch will make you wonder how one could live with a such a boring frill-less pouch to begin with. I dare you to do this tutorial and resist the urge to give another accessory the fringe treatment. Because honestly, everything is better with fringe.

You’ll need:
•unlined leather clutch or pouch
•leather rotary punch
•100 feet 3/16″ deerskin leather lace
•white paint pen

Start by finding an unlined leather pouch. If the pouch or clutch is lined with fabric, it will be very hard to punch holes using your rotary punch. Turn the pouch inside out. Using a fine, white paint pen, draw a straight line a few millimeters above the bottom seam. Do the same with left and right seam. It’s okay if the lines don’t intersect at the corners.

Make dotted marks every half inch along the drawn lines. Use the second largest hole size, 13/64″, and punch holes through the marks.

Punch one hole in two bottom corners.

Cut 17-18″ inch strands of leather lace. Take one strand and thread it through the front face of one set of holes. The glossy side of the leather lacing should be facing out.

Bring the other side of the strand over the edge of the pouch and through the hole on the back face. Pull both ends from the inside of the pouch. Repeat with all the holes.

Turn the pouch right side out and adjust the strands so the ends match.

While keeping the strands sandwiched together, tie a knot and tighten close to the edge of the pouch. Repeat on all the strands.

And . . . you’re done.

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