How To Distress Denim July 6, 2015 04:51

These six ways are the best methods for distressing jeans to your liking! If you learn how to distress jeans for yourself you can distress them entirely to your liking. Just want a hint of well-worn style? Apply one of these methods to a tiny spot. Want to go all out? Then do it!  There are no limits to what you can do!


how to distess jeans cheese grater Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    1. Cheese Grater

Yes, it might sound insane but rubbing one of these kitchen supplies against your jeans is going to distress them just enough to make them look store bought. Just put your jeans on, figure out where you want to distress them, and go to town! Just be careful. These tools can be surprisingly sharp.


how to distess jeans sandpaper Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    2. Sandpaper!

Just like the cheese grater, all you have to do is rub this material against your jeans to distress them. Consider using different sized pieces of paper for different distressing methods. If you only want to distress the pockets of your jeans, add a protective layer of cardboard to the pocket to protect the other layer of fabric.


how to distess jeans seam ripper Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    3. A Seam Ripper!

You have this primed and ready in your sewing room. If you love the ripped knees look, a seam ripper is how to distress your jeans!



how to distess jeans tweezers Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    4. Scissors and tweezers!

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Shear and pluck away! If you are looking for an exact distressed detail, go with this one. You have the most control when you’re cutting and tweezing. It is precise but it does take a little more time.



how to distess jeans razor Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans    5. A Razor!

Grab an old razor and slice where you would like. Razors are a great way to lightly distress your jeans and let time do the rest.



how to distess jeans cheese time Rock and Roll Style: How to Distress Jeans   6. Time!

This is the easiest way to distress jeans but not the quickest. Let time wear those jeans of yours out. You might even have a stylish pair abandoned at the back of your closet.